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In this book you will find how to message in an airplane, which means you will learn how to talk to your passengers and you’ll know what they’ll say to you on a plane!

Here you will see one message! for free!

Welcome to the first issue of Travel Basics. In each issue of Travel Basics you will learn valuable tips and information on how to travel with less stress and more enjoyment. In this first issue we are going to start off by talking about some simple packing secrets that will help get you ready for your trip. When you are preparing to travel there are many different packing tips and guidelines that you can follow. Here is a quick list of time-tested packing techniques

Packing list


First, make a packing list. This helps eliminate panic due to last-minute packing. It can also serve as a guide when repacking your things after your trip. It also helps just in case of your luggage gets lost, you can use it for recovery and claims. When creating the list, check the events that you are going to and write down possible clothing options for each occasion you intend to attend. Choose outfits that go together well based on complimentary colors. Or go back to the old reliable blacks and other dark-colored clothes. After creating the packing list, lay out the things you intend to bring and check them again against your list. Segregate those you will bring and make sure they are all clean and ready to go.



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