Editor’s Note — This story was current at the time of last publication on November 16 and will be updated periodically. However, you should still check with the official state websites before you commit to travel plans, especially as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches. (CNN) — With cases of Covid-19 reaching new heights in the United
(CNN) — He’s the towering musical genius who didn’t let his deafness prevent him from becoming one of the world’s greatest composers. Ludwig van Beethoven may have been born 250 years ago, but his story of achieving musical greatness despite his disability feels like a thoroughly modern story. And with the 250th anniversary of his
(CNN) — If Polish cuisine were to be described in just one word, “heartfelt” would perhaps be the most fitting choice. We’re talking mind-blowingly delicious, wholesome dishes served up in generous portions. Some of the Central European country’s much-loved recipes date back centuries, and while many have evolved considerably over the years, they’ve all retained
(CNN) — While the imminent opening of Berlin’s long-delayed Brandenburg Airport will cause many in the city to breathe a sigh of relief, it also means the sad end of an era. As Brandenburg cranks into action, Berlin’s Tegel Airport — a much-loved relic from the last century — will at long last be closing