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As it name suggests, Rebecca’s Cake Pops on Long Island, NY is dedicated to cake pops, where they make hundreds of designs. The bakery’s cutest creation is a bouquet of cake roses. Each “rose bud” is made with chocolate crumbled cake and topped with candy melt petals. Bouquets come in different sizes and flavors! See
Professional food developers rely heavily on R&D and innovation centers outfitted with lab benches, pilot plant equipment, consumer research facilities (i.e. for focus groups), and a wealth of other physical resources. But that’s not all. Multidisciplinary teams also frequently huddle over a lab bench to review product iterations and brainstorm ideas. All of this changed with
Old Bushmills. Distillery. Bushmills. County Antrim. Northern Ireland. (Photo by: Carlo … [+] Morucchio/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images Did someone say, “free whiskey?” Indeed. In fact, its not just anyone making the offer, but Bushmills—one of the planet’s primary producers of the brown spirit. The legendary Irish brand
Steamboat, CO, 2020 — Mountain Tap Brewing has repurposed old gondolas for socially distanced … [+] seating during COVID. Mountain Tap Brewing You don’t need me to tell you that this year has devastated a staggering number of people and businesses.  On top of putting the lives of tens of millions of food-and-drink professionals at
Take five: Books that explore food and food culture Courtesy of publishers; collage: LBortolot So, after all the dystopian novels and pandemic literature, what did y’all read this year? My list reflected what most concerned me (and probably most people) in 2020: health, food and travel. While I wasn’t aiming for a theme, these books
Cheese from all around the world comes in different forms, textures, and colors, from white to blue. It’s eaten in many different ways, and some cheeses have legends or myths behind their invention Let’s take a look at what cheese looks like around the world. MORE AROUND THE WORLD CONTENT: What Cookies Look Like Around
Philip Udeh, Founder of Füd Vitamin Energy Courtesy of Füd Vitamin Energy Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease affecting red blood cells, which can cause symptoms such as chronic fatigue, organ failure, and episodes of extreme pain called crises. It is one of the most common hereditary diseases globally, most prevalent amongst people of
ITO EN’s unconventional PET bottle recycling bin educates consumers about bottle-to-bottle … [+] recycling. ITO EN Japanese people are great at recycling. According to the Council for PET Bottle Recycling of Japan, 593,000 tons of PET bottles were sold in 2019. 93% of them were collected and 85.8% were recycled.  These numbers are significantly higher than in