The appropriately named Troublesome Fire has crossed the Continental Divide. Strong winds in Colorado this morning sent the East Troublesome fire exploding across 1000s of acres on the western side of Rocky Mountain National Park. RMNP announced its closure due to fire.  The fire has jumped across the Continental Divide, prompting closures and evacuations of Grand Lake. An
​Ever since Native Americans blazed the first trails through the wilderness, Californians have been hikers. Oceanside rambles, desert palm oases, skyscraping peaks and silent forests await. Here are 10 of California’s best hiking trails. Editor’s note: Please check the latest travel restrictions due to COVID-19 or the California wildfires before planning any trip and always follow government advice. 
Tennessee is full of haunted tales, legends still yet to be heard and plenty of ghostly historical stories. Are you daring enough to experience any of this paranormal activity? Tennessee is full of history, country music, BBQ and some haunted tales.  For the history buffs, ghost hunters, and those seeking adventure this list is for
Some U.S. cities are perfect to visit during Halloween because of their spooky or mysterious culture, like the above ground cemeteries and voodoo traditions in New Orleans, the famous 17th century witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, or the Headless Horseman legend in Sleepy Hollow, New York. New Orleans, Louisiana From above ground mausoleums and tombs
​ ©FloridaStock/Shutterstock From outdoor pursuits in the surrounding high desert and mountains to Native American history and Old West heritage, Durango is Southwest Colorado’s premier four-season destination. Editor’s Note: Before you head out, please check the Colorado COVID-19 site to determine any local restrictions you need to be aware of.  Nestled in southwestern Colorado’s Animas River
Wise travelers know to “get their jabs” before setting sail to some far off place. But why? What exactly are these diseases we’re all getting inoculated against? Will they lead to a grim and grisly death or just a good story to tell the grandkids? Vagabondish is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our
Beautiful view of for San Cristobal in San Juan, Puerto Rico. ©Dennis van de Water/Shutterstock The island is calling just in time for winter. What you need to know, and what to do while you’re there! After closing itself off to non-essential travel back in July, it looks like Puerto Rico has once again opened
Sure, it can be fun to travel with your partner or a group of friends. I personally prefer having my husband there to share the experience and enjoyment of traveling together. Vagabondish is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read our disclosure. But I firmly believe