What to Know BEFORE You Start Traveling Again


What you should expect and what you should consider before you get out back on the road or you’re, going to be flying places and stuff like that, because I know people are out traveling again and people are considering traveling again and we want To give you advice to help you get ready, okay, the first thing is, you have to decide if you feel comfortable traveling because the numbers might be down where you want to go or down where you are.

You still might not feel comfortable. That’s; okay, it’s; okay, not to travel. If you don’t feel comfortable, but if you do feel comfortable, if you are willing to do what you need to do to travel at this time, then I’m all for it.

We are traveling ourselves because we are ready to explore more of us and take the right precautions, but really it really comes down to how you feel if you do not feel ready. Yet if you do not feel comfortable with travel, then don’t, but if you are, these are tips that are going to help you out, okay, and so what I want to talk about.

First is really when you’re thinking about traveling when you’re thinking about where you’re, going to go. Look at the travel restrictions of the places you’re, going to be going to, but also look at the travel restrictions that, where you’re coming from have because what you’re going to see is not every city.

Not every state, not every country, not every region, has the same restrictions. Some places will say nobody can come here. Some people say: oh people from this state can come here or this country can come here, but others cannot.

You have to look these things up, because if you buy a ticket and the travel restrictions, don’t, let you go it’s, your fault because you’ve now bought tickets. When you know there’s, a pandemic going on so you have to think, is what other restrictions are going to be there.

For example, if you’re going to go to the UK and you’re from us, we’ve thought about this. You go there yeah, you can go there, but you have to self-isolate i.e quarantine for two weeks before you can go out.

Oh okay! So are you willing to spend that two weeks sitting in one place, because some tourists say they’re? Okay? To do that and then they go then after a few days they leave their quarantine and that’s caused a lot of problems, so you have to look those restrictions and be ready to.

You know go with them now when you’re. Looking to plan your future trips, I do want to tell you don’t count on the dates. You know some countries say: oh, we’re, going to open up on you know, November 1st, so we’re, going to open up the first year.

We’re going to open up next week. They may say that now, but those dates may change. Those restrictions might change at different times and you need to be flexible. You need to realize that uh, oh things, might not work out.

So if you get upset well, they said they were going to open up December 1st and they end up not doing it that that is just how it is right now, okay, so you need to be prepared with plan b’s with backup plans And stuff like that, because, honestly, that’s been the toughest part of covey people keep asking.

When is this place going to open? When is that place going to open? And I’m, like look right now, it says this, but probably it’s going to change, and so I can’t. Give you any solid answers because they don’t know either.

Now, if you do travel and you’re getting out there, one thing I will say is to make sure you bring your own cleaning supplies. I know you’re like mark. Why do I want to bring all these wipes and this stuff? Well, you know what you’re, going to want to keep yourself safe, and so you’re going to want to clean things too because what you have to realize is hotels, you might stay in a hotel or an Airbnb.

They will clean it before you get there, but a lot of hotels. Now aren’t cleaning. While you’re staying they only clean after you leave, maybe you can request them to get the garbage or switch towels, but they’re not coming in to clean.

So you need to have your own cleaning stuff. I mean we’re on this road trip and we’ve got the Clorox wipes. We got the spray we’ve got paper towels. We brought extra toilet paper because you know hey just in case they run out again.

We have these things to be safe, to make sure, and one of the things is that’s. Why? What we’ve done? Are we actually look at hotel chains and see what is their cleaning policy yeah? I know we went to Hilton’s and they had like it’s clean and they get sealed like do.

They have something like that because you really need to go where you feel comfortable and by knowing their safety standards that can help you out, but the best safety standards bring your own stuff.

So you can make sure so when we go places josh and I will go in first and we’ll wipe down all the high traffic areas, all the places the kids would be and stuff like that, just to be safe. Now another thing you have to make sure you bring and you have with you are mass that would bring extra mass as well because you want to make sure you can wash them if they’re washable mass or you have enough, you have to Switch out mass every day, but you need to make sure you bring your mass and wear your mass because here’s, the thing, if you want to take the train amtrak, you have to wear a mask: they won’t.

Let you get on, you want to go on a plane. You got to wear a mask. You don’t want na wear masks. They ‘ Ll ban you for life, so you really have to make sure you have your mask with you. Now it’s, been pretty easy to find places.

Actually, I’ve. Seen restaurants, they’re, actually selling masks now and they’re like merchandise. Oh, you can get our t-shirt or a mask hey. We do the same thing. You can get a walters world t-shirt or a walters world mask, but you want to make sure you have those with you.

You know another thing: when you’re looking to travel, you also want to look at the places you’re going to travel to and the thing is. Maybe you want to really focus not on the big city travel. Maybe you focus on traveling to places where it’s easier to social distance.

I mean I’m here in Idaho. Do you see anybody around? No, we were in Wyoming before this. We’re, going to Montana next in south Dakota, then Iowa places where there’s, not a lot of people. It’s, a lot easier to social distance.

When there’s, not a lot of people around. So you might want to consider in terms of your travel it’s, not going to be the big city and 20 museum trips. Maybe it’s going to be more outdoors based. I mean it’s up to you, but just something to think about in terms of looking at destinations that allow you to social distance, and sometimes that just means you know what we’re gonna stay here at home, and we’re gonna go to local spots.

Nearby that we know are, relatively you know: social distance able, I guess you’d say and then we’re close to home. So we have to worry about the cleaning we don ‘ T have to worry about this other stuff and you kind of go into many staycations instead now another thing you need to really consider when you are traveling.

Are you know you have your guidebooks? You have my videos that tell you where to go, what to see and stuff like that and they’ll say: oh, their hours are nine to six. Well, here’s. The thing makes sure you’re, checking the schedules of the parks of the museums of the stores of the restaurants.

Before you go because, though it might have said on the guidebook or whatever, oh it’s up in 10-6. You want to check out what other hours now because I’ve, seen a lot of places have adjusted their hours, but also sometimes they adjust the number of people that can come in.

You might want to go to that museum, but they’re only allowing in 25 people at a time. So am I going to wait in line or do I need to book pre-book my tickets, and this is an issue? If you’re looking to go to Disney or other places, there might be new restrictions, whereas before you could show up and get a ticket, whereas now no you got to pre-book everything.

So really consider these things. When you’re. Looking at your destinations now, another thing to think about before you go on your road trip or go on. Your travels are getting a coveted test before you go now.

I know they’re, not always easy to get. I understand that but planning it out because some destinations require that you have a test within 72 hours of departure or arrival or whatever, and so maybe get that just for your own peace of mind.

I know I got tested before we came on the trip to make sure like the look, am I good? Are we good? So we have, we feel more comfortable and when we get back, we’re going to test again because we don’t. You know we’re, not going to go, see grandma.

You know on our way back because let’s test to make sure and that peace of mind you get when you get tested can help you out and also can help you get into other places if they require tests. Also, another thing you have to consider is: when you’re traveling during the age of coverage is make sure you’re, okay, being tested tracked or apt, because some places in some countries are saying.

Look if you’re going to travel here, you need to put a tracking app on your phone, so we know where you go. We know you’re. Staying in the location. We know you’re. Staying at the hotel. You said you were going to go and you didn’t leave because tourists have used you know, kind of circumvented the rules right like oh, I got here.

I stayed a few days, I feel fine and they went out so you’re, seeing more of this tracking software and this kind of stuff, so you also have to look at that. Are they going to be tracing me? My entire time I’m there, are they going to be tracking me? Do I have to get tested when I get there? I mean these are things you got to think about in the future.

It might be a. Do you have the vaccine. Do you not have the vaccine, which vaccine do you have I mean this is the kind of stuff you’re, going to have to consider when you’re traveling and not every place.

Does this some places like hey come enjoy it’s total? Okay, other places are more strict. That’s. Why it’s important! You do your research now, some other things to really think about. For those of you that like to use miles, I love my miles.

I love my status. I love all these things, but you got to realize your miles and your statuses, and all these things they don ‘ T really mean much right. Now the airlines, the hotel industry, they’re hurting, they’re, hurting bad.

They’re like we love our dedicated customers, but we got to pay the bills now and so those extra perks you’re used to don’t expect a lot of them to really be as perky as they used To be yes, maybe you have, you know lounge access, but the lounge might not be as fun as it used to be.

It might not have as much free stuff as it used to have to think about these things. You might not get the upgrades as much because oh we’re, not using the center row or something like that so just be prepared for that, and another thing I think is really important.

Is don’t expect discounts. Look all since all these Indus this whole tourism industry has just been destroyed by the coronavirus and the quarantines and everything that people aren’t traveling anymore.

They don’t have the money to give discounts. I know people say: oh, they’re gonna have cheap flies to get people traveling again. Well, nobody’s really traveling now, so why would I give a discount when no one’s traveling there’s? No reason it’s, not gonna inspire anybody, and so don’t.

Look for discounts like you used to because you’re, probably not going to find them at least as often as they were so be prepared to pay more full price. Then look for those little discount codes. Okay! Now there are still some out there.

I’m, not going to say they’re all gone, but it is something you need to consider now. The next thing I want to talk about is limiting your content, because social distancing, doesn’t just stand six feet away and wear a mask.

No social distances can be other things in terms of where you go. How you get around? How you do things, for example, you don’t need the whole party of six or a whole party of five, but I’m from you. Don’t need the whole party to go and check-in at the hotel.

Has one person gone in? Have them check-in? Have them get the tickets or the tickets? Have them get the keys? You know, if you have them clean like you want an extra clean room, have them go and clean the room? Have that so it’s.

Only one person that’s, getting exposed versus everybody the same thing. If you’re going to get your groceries, maybe you want to eat in your Airbnb or your vrbo or you want to do takeout. Has one person go in and do that to get the orders? Have one person do it because you just limited your exposure because social distancing, isn’t just like I said the six feet thing it’s, making better choices, getting less exposure to the stuff.

I know what we do is I go. I put my mask on. I go into the stores I go to the restaurants, the kids, and Jocelyn. I stay in the car, I bring it back and we go eat someplace. We might go to a picnic place and do it, but you have to think about these things because there are, other ways to social distance and probably the easiest way to the social distance in terms of travel.

If you’re traveling domestically instead of taking the train or the plane or something like that, have your own car use your car. Do the driving tour. Do the family road trip kind of stuff? This gives you kind of control of the environment, and I do recommend you really clean your car before you go just so.

You feel less gross when you’re in there if you guys should be in the car for a while. If you’re doing a long road trip right, but just think about that and think about your transportation, you’re going to use it.

You know the airlines, you’re, going to use what are there. You know safety protocols, what are their cleaning protocols with the trains as well? How do you feel about that? Because you might see that the train travel, the schedules are different.

There might be more delays, so they might let fewer people on so you have to pre-book a train ticket, so you really need to kind of consider these things. I really probably the best advice I have for you is to have a plan b and a plan c and a plan d because things do change, you might have wanted to go one place and they said no people from your state have to wait for two weeks.

Then you switch to another place like no. We’re, only letting people that are staying on a property going to our theme park-like aha and then you got to change to something else. I mean it will frustrate you, but just think of it positively.

I can plan a lot of different trips and we’ll see which one works. Okay. Now I know it’s crazy in the time of covenant and trying to figure out how to travel and believe me, if you don’t, feel comfortable traveling.

It’s; okay, not to travel. I’m, not advocating for everyone to get back on the road to get back in the air. Now, no, you have to do what’s right for you, and for us, we felt comfortable traveling again and we are – and we want to show people in the world around the world and the us that traveling is something we can still do.

But you got to be smart and you got to take the precautions and do follow the rules. Make sure you do quarantine if you’re supposed to make sure you do get tests. If you’re supposed to and don’t flaunt them, okay, because we all want to get traveling again.

We all want to see this beautiful world where it’s here in beautiful, Idaho, or Illinois or India or wherever. We hope you have a great time. I want to say thank you to our patrons on Patreon and our members on youtube to help make honest travel videos like this possible.

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