Traveling to the Least Visited Country in the World


Yeah, what do you think the least visited country in the world is well after a quick Google search? It turns out that neither myself nor most people on the street had ever even heard of this extremely tiny country in the South Pacific called Tuvalu yeah while trying to figure out what this country is located.

It was actually hard to even spot it on a map that’s because of the entire country’s. The landmass is only twice the size of the LA Airport, or even just a fourth of the size of Disneyworld Tuvalu has about 11,000 residents and sadly, one of the first countries to be forecasted to disappear as a result of rising oceans caused by climate change.

Since the day I found out about this country, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, wondering what the people are like, what there is to do in a country without any tourism infrastructure, and want to go.

Tell a story about this country that could disappear very soon, so he got me a plane ticket to the least visited country in the world and a few days away from my departure, I wasn’t too happy about the setup for the trip.

Can someone tell me why I’m going alone? I think you’ve just been too comfortable and your girlfriend has traveled to every country, including this one. So if you’re too afraid to do it alone, then clearly we should replace you with your girlfriend.

I’ve heard that there’s, no like service really – and I also read just now. Everything on the island is cash only and there’s no ATM on the island. So look. How do people get the money? I don’t know what language these people speak.

Do you know what language they speak to value on? To the loo and language to balloon and English, that is the most uniquely shaped by on the diversity of its a worn middle, yeah, Wow yeah, just a quick stop in Fiji and the domestic airport is pretty small boarding.

Flight number two [ Music, ] [, Music ]. Thank you. Thank you. All right, it looks like we’ve officially landed in Suva loo, the white boys yeah. Dad. Thank you nice to meet you too, at first thought.

Oh wow, there are, a lot more people coming to visit Allu than I thought when I boarded the plane and then, as I slowly started, having a conversation with all these people, every single one of them is here to work with the UN.

Not here for tourism so looks like I might be the only one. Let’s, go see what this hotel is all about. Is this the reception? Yes, what is your name at Thomas Bragg hi? Where am I here? Okay, alright, this is pretty nice.

There goes the only plane in the entire country leaves now. Does it come back for another three days? Well, everybody that seems to find out that I’m here for visiting seems pretty confused and keeping the people working here.

Immigration, lady, she asked me so why are you here, sir, and I said Oh for fun, should I miss you guys for fun? The Swedish boy is here explore I probably get dressed to fit the colors of the island a little bit better.

Alright, this is a whole lot, better dump the head out of a bike yeah! Oh, you have a bike here: okay, Wow, the ocean water is so clear what the hell hi you two will stay near boys, salary

This country is so thin. You can literally see both sides of the water pretty much at any point. Do you see there’s the lagoon and then there’s? The open water right here pretty much every single person that I’ve crossed so far walking is waving and saying hi already just first impressions like love.

This place a lot of tourists here, hey yo, Charlie yeah yeah. How did I find Balu, yeah, I googled what’s, the least visited country in the world, and then I found two balloons I was like. Oh, I have.

I have to go and see it. I’ve been on this island for about four hours now and I still haven’t seen a single tourist. It is sunset time, which means the locals have taken over the airstrip and turn it into their soccer field.

Their volleyball field and all sorts of different activities going on right now. I think I’ve, spotted my first tourists on the entire island hi I’m Thomas. I’m Sarah good to meet you sweaty, that’s, all good Thomas, Oh

Why are you here? You have to vote, yeah, Wow and then half what off Australia Wow I’ve joined a little local. So I could get him right now turns out that the Australian guys that I saw here are half Valen as well.

What is it you do during the day? I think the best thing you probably do is try to get out together all my new Australian tubulin friends. Later invited me to go, have dinner with them. Yes, they then invited me over to the grandparent’s house, where some of their family still lives, and explained to me a bit more, but growing up on the island was like.

Can people sleep on the mat so crazy to imagine that you grew up here for how long which, how much of your life on and off July 16 here Wow tomorrow’s, the language I thought inspected? It took a long time to get used to mattresses.

Are you serious about how many people live in this house nine? But then we have like visitors everywhere to the boys out there if they like to come and hang out here quite a fair bit. So sometimes they just pop out wherever they want there’s, sort of no boundaries.

Maybe it’s, just wow that wraps up day one and Tuvalu, seeing how communal they all live together was awesome, see how tomorrow goes good night. We have arrived at the sunrise spot

Okay, we’re about to go check out a local bakery, slash market, let’s, go see what fresh Valen the bakeries look like. Oh, the god that wasn’t me [, Music ] did we just arrive in heaven or what is this place? The jackpot hell yeah? Oh my god.

Okay, first of all, I want to start by saying we met yesterday on the soccer field, and so right now we’re, going out on a boat and one of the other islands, so how many Islands Tuvalu hatbox, like a survivor, has eight islands.

We are on our foot, see the capital yeah. Thank you for letting me tag along. This is as I, don’t know what I’d, be doing today. If I hadn’t met you guys, yeah, but no worries back, that’s, awesome that’s; our boat

I think we have found our little paradise. I can’t believe these countries at least visited places on the planet. I mean look at this. This is like out of a dream-like when you picture a deserted Paradise Island.

This is it. This is apparently one of their grandfather’s. All the compound I don’t know if anybody still lives here, yeah. What yeah are you from tubulin yeah? You watched yesterday yeah watch what that’s.

Amazing. Do you live here on this? I’m cool. You’re, probably the only like T balloon yeah that one yeah, so you live here with your mom, pretty much just a simple way that’s! All we need to go so you grew up here.

This is your childhood home right now that’s, amazing, who would have thunk it man, everybody shares yeah. Whenever one family goes fishing when they come back is distributed. So you want to study in Taiwan.

What did you study a software engineer, software engineering, that’s crazy for how long, five years, what’s? Your biggest dream? It is June yeah! Oh, my biggest dream is just you know, just help. Others and mmm Islands like this yeah, especially climate change yeah.

I’m living the life yeah yeah, just trying to look for solutions, mmm used to pose sinking Island. What’s? The main thing you think people should know it’s, just that there is a real change like the next one November enjoy.

I put all these houses, so we all go to the main hall shelter there. This is like a meeting hall dining hall. Thanks for the tour man, no problem, I was not expecting to meet yes very subscriber in the middle of Tupelo.

Youtube really does reach the world eh [, Music, ], hey man, I like your hat yeah [, Music, ], [, Music ]. By the end of the second day, I still hadn’t fully comprehended how seriously the people of Ravalli take their communal living.

This everybody shares right there’s food that’s just made and everybody can come and just beneath and stay here, yeah Wow. This local ended up explaining to me something really interesting, but to follow that at some point along with your upbringing, you can end up calling one of your best friends, your brother, or your sister, and at that point, that person literally becomes a part of your family.

When you both grew up to have kids with your separate partners, you then all move in together and interconnected houses and raise all the kids as a community, and so did you have a friend growing up that you called your brother and then he became your brother.

You have, I went home that night doing grateful and amazed by everything I had just learned: [, Music ]. What’s that bro? I want to gift you something! Can I park this here, yeah haha! This comes forward yeah as though dude it’s.

You could see well that’d, be great yeah wow, that’s beautiful! Thank you so much haha. This is like advance. How long does it take forever yeah? Who makes these I’m um? I’m your mom yeah. Thank you so much.

I’m. Very happy yes! Ma ‘ Am yes ma & # 39? Am let’s? Go yeah! You want people to come to visit here, d, 100 %. No just come to your people, hear all about. You know what they say. It all is their heart of the Pacific, all the love so other yes, fam out there or ever you are loved.

You know, amazing. Just checked into the airport to leave to balloon and she wrote my boarding pass by hand, just a quick reminder that we are still in the middle of breaking [ Music, ] goodbye, awesome, and when people say goodbye, you get these necklaces.

Everyones. Been so kind to all of you who helped me right here, you’re watching this. Thank you guys for making me feel so welcome time to go. I had never experienced such a deep sense of community radiate from an entire country.

From the moment. I landed in Tuvalu to the moment I stepped back onto that plane. People were nothing but smiling, welcoming and kind. I came as a stranger for only a few days and left feeling like I’d been adopted by this incredible and loving family.

I feel grateful to have met her local, yes, ma’am representative and for having had the opportunity to feel connected to people living so far away and living such different lives. As I was walking out the door.

The lady at the hotel asked me if I’d ever come back, and I usually just politely answer, of course in these situations, but this time I think I meant it [ Music ], but before we go, I just want to thank the sponsor For this video skill chair, the skill chair is a website where you can learn new skills instantly like entrepreneurship photo film and even coding.

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