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It’s implied sniffle. If you have a runny nose, you just have to blow it. They’ll give you a tissue, they’ll, be like oh here. Take this like get it out, because it just doesn’t make sense to them to try to keep it in.

If it’s trying to come out it’s, just like get it out, and so you’ll be in meetings and who knows where and they all they blow their noses. So well so loud. So I got really good at that, so you’d. Better get used to that don’t feel self-conscious about owing your nose and hungry cuz everybody does it.

Another thing is that they’re, more cautious or more concerned about freezing about getting cold or getting sick from being cold, so they don’t pass in their water. They never have ice water and there’s a bit of logic to it.

As I came to know it’s, just like your body’s already, trying to keep warm as it is like the organs are trying to work. So, as you’re, putting that ice water and it just kind of freezes things up so in the end, I can see the logic and why they don’t drink ice water when it’S cold outside, especially in the winter.

If you don’t sit down on any of the benches. You it’s, not acceptable or, like you, can you’re, not gonna go to prison for it or anything, but all the little old knees and bat cheese, old men and old women.

They’ll. They’ll, come up to you and tell you like don’t sit there. You’re, not going to have children, so it was interesting. This family, they wanted to cook a meal for us and instead of just like you know here where you just like, either put it in the oven or cook on a stove or whatever, actually went out in their yard and built a fire and had this big Cauldron that they hooked up with like the stand in this chain – and it was just hanging over this fire and it was just really neat – I was like, oh my goodness, that’s, not something you would typically see.

You would not see that in the big city, but in this small village it was, it was just so chill it was so normal to do that. It’s like yeah. We’re, just gonna cook over this fire and this big cauldron thing and it was fun.

I was not so cool, but I think the best Hungarian food I ever had was fruit soup and you think, a fruit soup and it’s kind of like fruit soup. That doesn’t really work right and that’s. What that’s, the same thing, I thought fruit soup, that doesn’t really go together.

It’s, not like peanut butter and jelly. You know it’s, not like chips and salsa. It’s, fruit and soup, and so this nanny just gave it to us, and she was like hey you know here it is, it looked delicious.

It was like pink-purple color. It just was glowing, and I was like wow. This is what fruit soup is. Do you like it hot or cold? I was like, oh, I could try it hot and she looked at me. She’s like no.

I think I think you like it cold like all right, so she gave it to me and I first by I just fell in love, absolutely just drop down to the ground and just almost started worshiping the soup is so good and it’s.

Really easy to make, I mean, go online! Look it up, but it’s delicious it’s really good, and that’s. That’s, something that’s very, very unique to hungry is the fruit soup. So if you go hungry, try the fruit soup, it’s.

Really good! You won’t, be let down yeah bad foods. There’s sausage. They have different tons of different kinds of sausage there. They have a horse sausage, they have Pig sausage, chicken, sausage, all kinds, but there’s.

One particular sausage that I just despised. I just hated I don’t know it was really really bad. First of all, it looks black. It’s like a black sausage. They call it to work. Ah, that’s, the name for it, and it was served to me from a gypsy family, and gypsies cooked really really good food.

By the way, so I mean this isn’t. This is just something that all Hungarians see this isn’t just gypsies and I just tried it. I thought it was the most disgusting thing and you ask anybody that knows me.

I I am very brave. When it comes to food, I can eat anything, but this fork of stuff I just couldn’t know how I could not shove it down my throat. So what it is it’s, blood sausage, and so I mean they take every single part of the pig.

I guess it’s, what sausages anyways, but they it’s, just oh just the way that they cook it and like put it together, you like when you eat it, you can. You know like let’s, start picking little pieces of bones out of your teeth because it’s just gross, but they love it and that’s, something that’s really really unique to hungry, as well As a Horta, so if you want to try something, he can try that a lot of Hungarians love it, but I know like no thanks.

I didn’t really like it very much. There was one time I’d only been in the country for a couple of weeks, and I’d heard about this dish because they also usually happen holidays and it is called the quarter cornea and is this pig fat jello dish and They brought it out and I looked at it and I just thought what is that and then I thought oh no.

This is that pink bad job, but I’ve been hearing about it and what it is. Is it’s? This like clear, gelatin, kind of salty gelatin, like substance and in it, are just these hunks of meat, but it’s, not the kind of meat that you would want to eat like there was a hoof in it or there was like part Of an ear, and then it had the this like paprika, the pepper kind of popery, paprika seasoning type thing over it and I took a bite.

So he served me up a portion and I thought: okay, I’m gonna have to do this, and so I took a little bite of the jello and I just thought I I can’T there’s no way, I can do it and luckily they were super sweet and understanding and they thought.

Oh, you know you probably won’t like this, but it’s, my favorite, so I’ll eat it. You know just try the meat, and I was looking at this hunk of meat in the middle of this gelatin, and it was, I think, as part of the hoof or something, and I thought I can’t.

Do it like that one little bite of the gelatin was enough, and so I just told him you thank you. Thank you. I you know, and he’s – about to kale it’s, my favorite, and so luckily it wasn’t a bad experience.

You know, but I did try, but the big fat jello, but other than that. Everything that I had was just delicious. The toilets are so different. I like this a lot it sounds kind of funny, but here in America, we have these, like big dishes filled with water over there.

They either have like a platform that hey that you have to go to the bathroom on and then like the hole or some of them do have more of a bowl-shaped as we do here, but it’s not as full with water.

Easter’s, a really wild time there. They have this tradition, where the girls have to have these painted eggs that they give to the boys. And if you’re going super traditional, then the boys either like to squirt them with water or dump water on the girls.

If you’re going more modern then you spray them with perfume, but the buckets of water are much more fun and we experience that a little bit. I’m, not sure where that tradition came from there’s. A lot of them also use a lot of poetry involved in that, so they’ll say little poems to the girls before the girls give them eggs and they then the boys dump water on them.

Hungarians do really cool whip tricks; they have! That’s like an interesting thing. They do. Are they tame animals with these crazy whips and stuff? And so you get to see those and buy those.

I have a whip learned how to within hungry and it’s, always fun. There are thermal bathhouses that you have to go there. Gonna be a lot of old men in speedos there’s, gonna be a lot of like little kids just run around naked, because that’s, how they do it in Hungary, I got to go there with my wife when We went back to Hungary and it’s, just like super fun, and also it was in the early spring, but still kind of wintertime, and so it was really warm and happy so that’s, a good place to go.

I was in yet a chasm, so it’s up north super cold and we had been outside for hours like probably five hours, and it was a blizzard, okay freezing snowing. My boots were wet. I was wearing three pairs of tights two pairs of socks, but they’re completely soaked through and my feet were so cold, and so I like telling my companion like hey.

Maybe we should go home, my feet are kind of hurting and they were hurting more than usual and when we got home I took off all of my socks and my tights and my toes were black and I was so scared because I thought that I had Frostbite so I went to a hospital and it turns out that I had frostbite on three of my toes from standing in this winter blizzard in Hungary for hours, so it took a couple of months for me to be able to recover from that.

They usually have one to two children and they ‘ Ll, often give them the name of the parent, so you will have a merry and then a baby Mary or a John and a baby, joiner or Michael me, hi and a baby me.

She, and so that was kind of cool um hungry, actually used to have a rule that you had name your children from a list of names, then that you couldn’t deviate from that list, and so because of that there’S a lot of the same common name, but at the same time, they also have a name day.

So, just as big as your birthday is this name day celebration where throughout the year do you have a specific day that celebrates your name? So, for example, Michael would have a day throughout the year that you’d, have that you celebrate your name and getting it, and that’s, something that a lot of the Hungarians like they have.

They have greeting cards that focus on name days. Sometimes they’ll throw a little party. I was really excited because my name actually was on the name day list or the name list. So I have name dates here, which is cool.

The longest word in Hungarian because you can make a noun into a verb and a verb into a noun and then tack on things and then make that into a verb and um and so on. Words can get really long.

I don’t really use this word because you’d. Be context. Just has to be right for the longest word that I know in Hungarian is Megson shake to Lenny. Put that Len shake. It could have that carrot, which is pretty crazy, but it means for all of your sanctify aloneness, which would be kind of hard to use in a conversation, but it’s technically a word.

One of the big industries is sunflower oil, and so there will just be fields and fields of sunflowers. As far as you can see, they eat a lot of poppy seed and export it as well, and so you’ll see fields of red poppies,

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