COVID-19 Restrictions Remain In Place At Fiji’s Nadi International Airport

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Fiji Airports chairman Geoffrey Shaw verified today that Fiji’s major worldwide airport terminal will remain to restrict access to its passenger terminal due to the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 restrictions have actually remained in location at Nadi International Airport since March of 2020 as a health and wellness requirement, including prohibiting non-passengers from entering the airport, and also incurable cleaning and decontaminating procedures, according to the official.

As for passengers, Geoffrey Shaw said that they are required to supply legitimate traveling documents at the protection check-points.

The constraints will certainly stay in position to supply a safe and also healthy and balanced flight terminal setting for tourists, he claimed.

As part of the new normal, wearing a face mask is compulsory for guests within the incurable structure at all times.

Nadi International Airport Terminal, concerning 192 kilometres northwest of Fiji’s funding city of Suva, is the major international airport terminal of Fiji in addition to an essential regional center for the South Pacific region.

The flight terminal receives greater than 2.1 million global guests and close to 300,000 domestic travelers annually, as well as solutions 20 airlines as well as offer trips that links Fiji and 15 cities all over the world.

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