Month: December 2020

THIRDHOME In this year of uncertainty, the rise in popularity of private jet travel and the increased desirability of private-use villas are definitely here to stay. Luxury travel and property club, THIRDHOME, offers members in their Exchange and Reserve Clubs stays in private residences on a reciprocal basis through THIRDHOME’s Key System. By working on this exchange system, members
In 2000 at the age of 17 my best friend Andy and I took his mum’s car and drove it to Paris. Little did we know that this would spark a passion for roadtripping and have now travelled the globe together and continue to have incredible adventures together with our friends. If you haven’t already
Many places in Europe and so little time to see them all you’re trying to decide where you should be going on your trip to Europe by road. European Road Trip Tips You’d be hard-pressed to find a country as diverse and rich in culture as Europe. From the rocky beaches of the UK to
People walk past the closed entrance of the Eurostar terminal at Brussels South railway station after Britain’s European neighbors began closing their doors to travelers from the United Kingdom amid alarm about a rapidly spreading strain of coronavirus, in Brussels, Belgium December 21, 2020. Yves Herman | Reuters LONDON — Anxious, angry, and alone. That’s
GLASS ACTS: Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier toast with Irish coffee in 1946. Bettmann Archive If I wasn’t so concerned about the potential liver diseases one could contract by way of excessive alcohol consumption, I’d be drinking Irish coffee several times a day, especially in the dead of winter—in addition to my usuals: Scotch, Cognac,