5 Stupid Reasons Why Tourists Get Arrested

It is not just bad guys that get arrested, every day tourists and travelers run afoul of the law on a number of occasions. Here we give you a list of our five most common reasons why tourists have gotten arrested. This is not a scientific list, this is more from what we have seen throughout our travels to Europe, Asia and the Americas.
Filmed in Barcelona Spain
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1. Alcohol Related Arrests: whether it is drunk driving, public intoxication or getting into a fight while drunk, alcohol has played the part in a number of tourists and travelers run ins with the law.
2. Drug related arrests: just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean the cops will look the other way and that holds true for drug use as well. Many travelers have ended up serving time in jail for drug offenses abroad.
3. Not knowing the laws of the land: ignorance is not an excuse not to know the law, at least that is what the cops will tell you abroad. Make sure you know of any laws that may affect you while you travel.
4. Trespassing: you may want to get the world’s best selfie, but if you are doing onto private land or going off of the official path at national parks you may be trespassing and that can lead to a severe fine or worse.
5. Religious or Governmental misunderstandings: just because in your country you may have the right to protest against various things, that does not mean you may be able to protest in other countries the same way and speaking ill of the government or the official religion in some countries can get you in trouble with the law.

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