Kategna Restaurant – Ethiopian food you shouldn’t miss in Addis Ababa

Kategna restaurant was one of the best restaurants I ate at while I was in Addis Ababa. The menu is extremely extensive, and the food is amazing! More info: http://migrationology.com/2014/01/kategna-restaurant-addis-ababa-ethiopia/

One of the highlights of visiting Ethiopia, is eating Ethiopian food, and when you’re in Addis Ababa there are many amazing restaurants to choose from. Kategna Restaurant is a well known favorite for locals that live in Addis Ababa, straight up because it’s a nice environment, and most importantly, the food is outstanding. During the course of my stay in Addis Ababa, I went to Kategna restaurant a number of times, unable to resist the delicious flavors and nice atmosphere of the restaurant.

I began with a giant platter of Yetsom Beyaynetu, a mix of vegetarianan fasting dishes. The mix came out, beautifully arranged on a giant platter, filled with the wonderful assortment of different curries and stews. There was misir wat, a red lentil stew, some different kinds of salads, and gomen, which is collard greens. Though it might not be a traditional method of ordering, I decided to go for another dish known as doro wat, a famous Ethiopian food that’s a chicken stew made from onions, berbere spices, and lots of butter. Also, the egg in the doro wat is one of the highlights. The doro wat was scooped directly onto the pile of injera, mingling with the other wonderful ingredients.

As you can already imagine, I was so incredibly excited to begin my feast at Kategna restaurant, my mouth juices were flowing. There were two different colors of injera that I got served, something I didn’t really notice from other restaurants I ate at while I was in Addis Ababa. But after tasting both, they really almost tasted identical. I quickly grabbed pieces of injera, ripping it off the roll and digging it into the juicy curries. The flavor combination were out of control delicious. The vegetarian mix of yetsom beaynetu was excellent. Then it was time to devour the doro wat. The piece of chicken was oddly small, just a time bone with a little bit of meat, but the sauce and egg together were so delicious, that I honestly almost forgot about the chicken itself. The sauce was dripping with flavor!

Despite Kategna restaurant being on the nicer side of the restaurant spectrum, the prices are incredibly reasonable. For me entire feast in the video, including the coffee at the end, our total bill came to 230 ETB ($11.85), and believe it or not, I was actually stuffed full for almost the entire day afterwards, I hardly have to eat any dinner! There are two main locations of the restaurant in Addis Ababa, one just off Gabon street (the one featured in this video) and the other is just off Bole road very near to the airport. I went to both locations during my time in Addis, and they were both of equal greatness, and even the atmosphere was just about the same.

When you visit Addis Ababa, one of the best restaurants is Kategna restaurant, and you should not miss out on the opportunity to eat there!

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