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Peter Pan Donuts has been serving some of Brooklyn’s most beloved doughnuts for the last 70 years. While other shops throughout New York City have upped prices, Peter Pan keeps its fried dough at just $1.25 apiece, with more than a dozen flavors baked fresh every day. Bakers come in at midnight to make dough so the doughnuts can rise and fry before the shop opens at 4:30 a.m. Though doughnuts are a simple treat, people seek out Peter Pan — and wait in long lines — for a doughnut they know was baked fresh that morning. The best-selling flavors include the classic honey-dipped doughnuts and a more recent addition, the red velvet cake doughnut.

Editor’s Note: This episode was filmed in February 2020. Peter Pan Donuts is currently open for takeout.

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Peter Pan Makes The Best Doughnuts In Brooklyn | Legendary Eats

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