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If you have decided upon the Alicante region of Spain for your vacation this year, you will want to know how to choose a hotel in this area.  There is such a wide choice of hotels in the Costa Blanca region in general, and in the Alicante area in particular that you will certainly be spoiled for choice. Alicante Hotels can range from inexpensive and rudimentary to luxe and expensive. Decide what suits your taste, budget and plans and then go searching. 


The best advice is to start your search early. Especially during the high season of summer, you need to book well in advance to get exactly what you want. An early search on the Internet will give you a wide choice in terms of location, price and amenities. You may also want to talk to a travel agent; many times agents get packages of airfare/hotel rates that can’t be beat. 


If you know of a few hotels that you would consider, you may want to contact them directly.  Many times they reserve special rates for repeat customers and these are not listed either on the Internet or with travel agents. If you use all three of these options and compare what you find on the Internet with what you find from a travel agent or directly, you will surely find the best rates. 


What should you consider when you are shopping for a hotel in Alicante?  Location is always an important consideration. There are many hotels in Alicante’s downtown and harbor area. If you are more interested in being by the sea, close to the beaches and having a beautiful view, the harbor area is for you. But if you plan on sightseeing and want to visit museums and eat at fine restaurants, you should consider the downtown area. If you stay in the downtown area, you will not need a car, since most of the attractions are within walking distance. 


One of the main decisions you have to make in terms of your hotel choice is level of comfort. A large four or five star hotel will be the most expensive choice, but if you insist on having a gym, swimming pool and concierge services at your disposal and want to be able go to a restaurant or bar right in your hotel,  you will make this choice 

regardless of the price. 


If your budget is a consideration, you probably will not choose such a hotel. But maybe you are only going for a short trip, and an extravagance such as this is worthwhile. 

For longer stays, however, saving money on a hotel in order to have funds to see more of the sites (and to afford to do some great shopping!) makes a lot more sense.

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