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Okay, hi guys something my name’s, Ana Maria one of my friends, and she spent now three years like to be exact three summers. So today she is going to experience okay, and the first question is how to get the visa okay hi guys.

My name is Anna Maria, so first of all you have to be student. You have to apply for some agency there’s, a lot of different agencies. I went with CCS, a it cost about $ 800. I think around the depends, and then you have to have appointment with the embassy, and just the most important thing is that your student, you say that you have to come back because you still have staff at college and it’s very hard to Get a visa, then you have to bring around $ 2,000 with you.

So let’s, say yeah. It is pretty expensive, but when you get there and you earn money, then it’s worth it. Then what else? The other question is how to find a job and how to get apartment or a place where you’re, going to stay and live during that days for finding a job that’s.

What Agency does they find that they find the job for you or you can apply as independent? If you already know someone who’s been there, then they can help you to find a job. If you go independent, then the option is cheaper.

If you take a placement option and agency is finding a job for you, then you pay more money about accommodation. Well, you just have to figure it out. You there’s, usually some groups like when Facebook, and then you ask people who already been in that place us for accommodation or if you are staying in like camps, then agency find you actually like people who were there.

They give you accommodation. So you don’t have to pay for anything, then you haven’t food and everything. Okay and another question that I have is about your experience in America. When you were when you finished your job and everything, you still have some time to travel so how it looks like and where have you been so far? Okay? So yes, when you go work like you spent time there, I’m.

An ice cream shop they’re like really popular there, and now I got promoted in everything so money more money and I’m gonna see. I’ll, probably travel this year because it’s. My last year I’m, not sure so you didn’t decide.

I want to go to college that’s. My wish, okay, thank you. So much so glad to hear your experience.

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