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In the past year I visited ten major cities in China, but it wasn’t until City number. Ten, then I realize just which one is my favorite. That city is Chang Chang running in circles. Never leave me alone say I don’t answer the messages.

A pick’em of fun said we need some time just upset about what your car. I don’t. Think many people have even heard of chunking. I certainly hadn’t until actually living in China for a few months, but the more people I spoke to about where to go.

What to see Chongqing has actually been the most recommended place for me to visit now. Chongqing is a big city, a very big city in southwest China and for whatever reason this city is crowded, but you do still somehow have a chance to break away from the crowds as it does cover so much area.

Right now I am in Chongqing, and I’m excited, though there are a lot of people here, so excited. Let’s, go see what Shanghai, unfortunately, due to its positioning within the mountains and it being a heavy industry.

Chongqing is also known for being one of the most polluted cities in China and often named the fog city. While I was there. Fortunately, I didn’t really have ever experienced any bad pollution days, but it is still important.

This is something you should be aware of aside from it being known as the fog city. I would also name it. The green city as polluted as it may get nature still seems to bloom. Chongqing is a city in the middle of the mountains so similar to Colorado.

Where I went to university everywhere, you look, the city is surrounded by mountains and there’s, actually even highways that are built into the mountains and, of course, trunk chains. Most notorious staple is hotpot.

Hotpot is one of Chung Kings claims to fame some people even say you haven’t had authentic hotpot until you’ve had it in Chungking. Likewise, you haven’t experienced the real Chung King. Unless you tried their hotpot, I can already smell the spice in here, so that’s.

It and just like Chengdu. The food culture here is spicy, all the local food is spicy and the locals are damn proud of it. I’m sweating like spitting on my cheek, so why is Chung King, my favorite city, I’ll.

Tell you right now as much as I love it. It certainly is not because of the spicy food, no offense, just not my thing, as I mentioned earlier, I would coin this place as the green city from the moment you leave the airport and take the metro into town.

All you see is green. I had the opportunity to explore the city with a girl named Amelia, who I spent time with, while making a video about her and her experiences for career China. All right, you ready.

The first place we went was the expo gardens now. The place is a huge park with several gardens inspired by various cities in China and abroad. We didn’t exactly know this upon visiting because we’re kind of just trying to hit all the tourist spots, but apparently there’s like a Korean garden, a English garden, finished garden, Hungarian garden, and many more that We didn’t see.

Nonetheless, the garden is really beautiful and massive, clearly walking through the expo garden right now. It is really beautiful, but it’s freaking hot out, so it’s kind of hard to enjoy something. When you’re just dripping sweat, it was really hot.

So that’s kind of why we didn’t explore the entire park, but what we saw was just beautiful and a picture waiting to happen. Two million RMB has actually been invested into this park in order to develop it as a large ecological center integrated with natural scenery and various accurate cultural foundations over the week that I stayed here.

Emelia also took me on a few different hikes and a view, points that were all beautiful and again really green, but nothing could compare to Wolong. Now before going to chungqing, i knew i was gonna visit long and actually posted on instagram.

If anybody wants to come explore with me yeah, I almost didn’t make it. Oh my god spent the last like 20 minutes running, because I was waiting for my train. I left my passport, my hotel, like an idiot and I slipped and fell in like battle wounds.

Oh my god, this is Olivia. We are going to belong together. I almost missed the train and she reached out to me on Instagram, so we can go together. Hopefully, the trip will be a lot better than where you’re from trunk yeah, okay cool! I have just bought some noodles on the train.

What is it it? Spicy sour noodle. There’s, a lot of peppers in there. This is not going to be that fun. Don’t get sick. Now Wolong is a cars Geological Park located about a two-hour train ride away from each on Chiefs inning Center.

So that’s, what we did we took the train and then, after that you actually have to take a series of buses to get to the National Park. We are now on a bus and we are on the way to the mountain or some go hiking.

Now I’m. Actually gonna define what a karst is, because then I’ll, make a little bit more sense when you’re, seeing the images so basically a karst is a natural landscape feature that results when water cuts through the rock over time.

Leaving behind canyons full of incredible rock features so that’s. What we were going to see is these incredible natural rock features that have been left over. There are a few different attractions you can visit.

While you’re here, and we long, I personally just did two of them, which was the three natural bridges and the lungs weights yeah, that we didn ‘ T say that right, I’m, just gonna call it the gorge because it’s, another name.

You can call it what this is a major line. We’re waiting to go there and we’re here now. A lot of people may recognize this area. If you’ve seen the movie transformers age of extinction, which was partly filmed here at the three Natural Bridges you’ve got to be kidding me and that’s.

Why? There are transformer models that are left over in the areas to be a reminder that hey this was filmed here, that’s, pretty cool, so these things cost 300 RMB. If you want to be carried down that’s, so ridiculous, because we’re going only down, we’re, not hiking up this place is located in a relatively remote area.

So aside from the Transformers, it is far from the impact of human activity and therefore it retains its original features and cars landforms. You can see trees growing directly from the stone and spring water flowing through the rocks and bridges.

It had rained a lot the day before I visited so because of that there was a ton of waterfalls just like sprouting all over the rocks and from above and just everywhere, which is pretty cool. I’m gon. Na be honest, though I didn’t exactly understand.

While I was there where the bridges were so, I didn’t feel the full impact at the time and after doing a little bit more thorough research, I realized what they actually meant by the bridges and I would actually change the name to the Three natural arches, because that’s kind of what they were to me bridges.

You know I’m. Looking at something you walk across so yeah in terms of arches, they were really really cool. This is the chingon bridge. They were very high. They’re about 200 meters in high each and they’re just massive, especially when you’re walking under them, and I guess together they constitute the largest Natural Bridge cluster in Asia.

Okay, I guess that’s, why they call it the bridges, whatever we’re currently in a tram, because you can either walk back up or so you trim and we urban lady. We just nothing, got some food and we’re at a place where it’s kind of funny, because all the stalls are exactly the same thing like they sell all the same food needed to get some breakfast reenergized.

And then we headed to the gorge, and that was truly my favorite part of this entire trip. Too long are we going here like we’re, going deep, underground? Now the gorge was formed due to the orogeny, a process in which a section of the Earth’s.

Crust is folded and deformed by lateral compression to form a mountain range, and this happened tens of millions of years ago see. This is way better because the last time there’s, a lot of people know me and now were the only ones.

I guess no one comes to the gorge. Well, look at that staircase geez that we were going. Let me go to the staircase down here. Have you seen Lord the Rings? The movie? The entire Gorge is about five kilometers long, but you only walk about two kilometers of that.

It has a depth of 500 meters and was the first sinkhole cluster erosion discovered in the world. It’s, also, apparently an ideal place for scientific study of geological evolution. It was honestly an awesome hike and not a difficult heart.

You literally just go downhill, so you know the easiest part of the hike, but it just felt really magical, and it was just incredible to look at. I mean you just see staircases built into this mountain that just keep going down farther and farther I mean I guess I can go down 500 meters, but it’s.

Just incredible. We came across a really you know: impactful waterfall, a very high in pressure which was cool. A lot of you were taking pictures and then actually from then on you just kind of get soaked.

Okay, my camera is not like in this. You’re. Just getting you know hit by water constantly from that. I once got raincoats on, but it was really it’s, just so cool. I feel like I’m walking through the Lord Rings, or something like all the themes from Rivendell.

That’s. What this place reminds me of it’s really cool, although just be careful because it’s, pouring rain everywhere, and aside from its nature and greenery chunking, is also really different than any other city.

I’m visiting with this great, a look. How picturesque this metro line? Is you get all the stuff and you just have this ridiculous view, and then you can also see the metros coming from the side. Like I, don’t normally go to take photos at metro stops, but like this is really pretty, then there’s.

The old towns of changing like sit Chico, meaning porcelain port, which is actually kind of located on the outskirts of Chang Ching [, Music ] Pacheco was first built as a commercial port and a market town shipping goods by both land and water forces and, of course, Being one of their most popular products, this area is kind of like a step back in time.

It’s, showing what several streets in Chongqing would have looked like in the past. Its history can be traced back for more than 1700 years and now remains a symbol of old Chongqing. You will see lots of porcelain being sold here as well as many other trinkets jewelry and street food lots street food.

A lot of street food that I actually never have seen before it’s, a marshmallow wrapped around ice cream, and then – and that brings me to my next point, even though it was very crowded only a Tuesday, and yet there’s.

So many people in the city it’s crowded and it was also really hot. I still enjoyed it because I just felt like it was very different than anything else. I’d seen I was seeing street food. I was seeing trinket.

I was seeing things that were sold that I hadn’t seen anywhere else in China yet, and it felt really authentic. It also just felt like it was geared more towards Chinese tourists and didn’t have any sort of Western influence on it.

So it really was something new for me and exciting, because I filmed a lot of areas just like this, but this I don’t know. I just see things that’s like what on earth is that, and I thought I’d, seen it all by now a lot of times.

Big cities will have some sort of heavy Western influence and it always kind of feels like it’s geared towards both. You know Chinese and Western tourists, but not here here it felt like only Chinese are coming to visit here and that was kind of true.

I didn’t, see a single expat, not joking. I didn’t, see a single expat. All my trip to Chongqing for about, I think I was there nine days except for the people I was working with on this project. I was with a bunch of expats, because I was working on this project for Korea, China, but those were the only expats.

I saw I literally didn’t, see anybody else and even in Shenzhen there’s, not that many, but really there were none in Chongqing, so it was crazy and that’s. Why? I just felt like it was really authentic, like if there’s.

No experts here then got to be geared just for the locals just for the Chinese tourists and that’s, why it was so cool. Another recreation of old Chung King is Hong Kong. Now Hong Kong is an area clean to the side, the mountain with many small shops selling street food again and local crafts.

This area is definitely a lot more popular at night. I did see people there during the day, but at night is where everything lights up. You’ve got the bridges and it’s, all just really beautiful and it’s.

Definitely more geared for. I think some late-night drinks and some nightlife, and then we made our way downstairs to where all the street food and the crafts were to try some local dessert, definitely not our favorite.

I even think that was Oakland. Sir knows what anyway, to conclude, chunking is definitely my favorite city that I visited again. I visited ten cities here in China.

This is number ten and I like it because of how green it is, how beautiful all the nature, the mountains and really, though, the authenticity of its Chinese culture. I really feel like it’s geared for Chinese tourists, because no expat is visiting here.

So I really appreciated that sense of it. Maybe now that I’ve shared the city with you guys there will be more people visiting or teaching there’s, actually a lot of teaching availability to work. Here.

If I was a teacher, I probably were here, but I’m, not a teacher anyways. I have a link that I’ll share in the description, my video, if any of you guys, are interested in teaching, I really recommend this company.

I worked a lot with them. I’ve traveled a lot for China and a lot of teachers with them. I really do recommend them, so this is my favorite city. I hope you enjoyed and thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope you enjoyed remember to subscribe. If you’re new phone, my Instagram and I’ll, see you next time. Bye say: bye

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