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For those staying home and shaking up drinks, the home bar has become more than just a substitute for going out: It’s a lifestyle. At-home mixologists, whether mixing up cocktails just for themselves or socially distant guests, are reaching new levels of solo bartending experience, and a few gifts to help them stir, shake and imbibe will up their domestic mixology game.

Essential Cocktail Set

Home bartenders ready to step up their gear game will love Cocktail Kingdom’s professional-level gold set. The kit includes a 550ml seamless mixing glass, a bar spoon, Japanese-style jigger, weighted shaking tins and a strainer. $160,

Wine Bottle Chiller Ice Mold

Uncorking a bottle of wine is basic, but opening a bottle to sit in a homemade ice cube chiller is extra, in the best way. This ice mold can use edible or decorative ingredients to create specialty bottle chillers, perfect for New Year’s Chamapagne, and beyond. $40,


Picnic Knife

Mild weather means the home bar is portable, to a picnic or other outdoor space. Keep your home bartender always prepared with the stylish W&P picnic knife, which has a bottle opener on one end, and a knife on the other, to slice garnishes or snacks (cheese!) on the go. $35,

Crew Bottle

Designed specifically for infusing, the Crafty Crew Bottle lets at-home bartenders experiment with their own infused spirits. The easy-to-open bottom is sold in a variety of colors, to differentiate a set of infused boozes. $24.99,

Grow-Anywhere Greenhouse 

Garnishes are what differentiate a novice cocktail from a professional one, and any home bartender can add a new level of sophistication with fresh herbs. Gift never-ending greenery with a trendy mini greenhouse that’s as decorative as it is practical. $190,

Custom cocktail night kit

Knack’s customized gift sets let you create a completely unique gift without a trip to multiple stores or the post office. Add specialty glassware, barware, treats, decor, and more to a package customized for the at home drinking enthusiast. Starts at $80,

Microplane zester & grater

Microplane’s fine zesters are perfect for citrus, spices and frozen herbs, with nearly endless uses in cocktail making and cooking. Mixology without a microplane is no longer an option once you know this versatile tool’s potential. $15,

Sugarfina Holiday Sips

A seasonal snack or accoutrement with any winter cocktail, Sugarfina’s drink-inspired gummies are a sweet inspiration for at-home mixologists. The three piece sips bento box includes cranberry cocktail bears, spiked eggnog bears, and espresso martini cordials. $30,

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