Best Korean Street Food in Seoul at Gwangjang Market: She Fed Me! (Day 5)

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One Day 5 of my trip to Seoul, we had an amazing day of eating Korean street food at Gwangjang Market (광장시장), and then had some of the best Korean fried chicken in Seoul.

1:43 Jinjujip (진주집) – After having a few hassles of internet loading in Seoul, I finally got to a good cafe and had some great internet. After that I met up with a good friend of mine and we walked over to Namdaemun Market to eat at a restaurant that specializes in Korean oxtail soup. Although it was pretty expensive, I think as always oxtail soup is in Seoul, it was pretty good. The oxtail was soothing and tender, and tasted especially good with the sauce provided. We ate, kkori Gomtang (oxtail soup) – 21,000 Won ($17.62) and haejangguk – 7000 Won ($5.87).

6:28 Gwangjang Market 광장시장 (Jongno-5, Exit 9 or 8) – One of my favorite things to do in Seoul is go to the wonderful Gwangjang Market (광장시장) to eat Korean street food. If you’re a food food lover, when you’re in Seoul, visiting this market is mandatory. Walking through the traditional Korean market you’ll be amazed at the quantity of food available, each Aunty calling and willing to serve you delicious food. Eventually after walking around a while we just chose a stall and sat down to eat. We chose the right stall. The Aunty serving the food there proceeded to start feeding me, and not just me, but Ying and her sisters as well. I ordered a number of different popular Korean street food dishes including sundae – 7,000 Won ($5.87), blood sausage, mayak gimbap – 4,000 Won ($3.36), what translates to Korean narcotic rice rolls due to their addictive properties, and tteokbokki – 3,000 Won ($2.52), which are the rice cakes in chili pepper sauce. Read my full blog post about Gwangjang Market here:

12:35 Hanchu Fried Chicken (한추) – Sometimes labeled as the best Korean fried chicken in Seoul, this was a place I wasn’t going to miss. So we took the Seoul Metro over to Apujeong Station, Exit 5, and walked for about 10 minutes to get to the beer hall. I ordered a plate of Korean fried chicken, plus fried peppers and a pitcher of beer. The fried chicken was prepared in a batter that included crushed up chilies in it – that’s definitely part of the reason why the chicken was so good. It indeed was some of the best Korean fried chicken I’ve ever had. Thanks to Jeffrey and Dan from for the recommendation.

Day 5 was our final full day in Seoul. Stay tuned for more videos from Jeonju (an important food city in South Korea).


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