Airline puts all-business class jets on regular routes


(CNN) — A global pandemic doesn’t feel like the natural time to travel like a celebrity.

But thanks to Air Canada, passengers traveling over the holiday period will have the chance to experience travel the way top level athletes, musicians and the 1% do, if they’re flying to the sun.

From December 12 to January 6, the airline will operate its Jetz aircraft — configured for a business class only experience — on routes between Canada and popular winter sun destinations, from Palm Springs and Florida to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Even better, ticket prices start from the same as regular business class fares.

The four Airbus A319 aircraft are usually chartered by the likes of sports teams, bands and corporate clients — and have been lying fallow for much for the pandemic.

They’re configured with just 58 seats — fewer than half the seats on a regular Air Canada configuration on the aircraft. The seat pitch is between 42-49 inches, compared to 31 inches in a regular economy configuration, and 37 for a standard business class seat.

All the extras

air canada jetz

Air Canada is making its charter Jetz aircraft available for commercial flights

Air Canada

Customers who book a Jetz flight don’t just get the extra space, though. They’ll also receive an upgraded meal, and get iPads preloaded with inflight entertainment, And of course, with fewer passengers, boarding and disembarkation times are shorter, too.

And for those traveling in a group, there’s a meeting-style arrangement with four seats facing each other around a table. Those seats are doled out at the gate.

The flights are running from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, to destinations including Barbados, Cancun, Fort Myers and Palm Springs. There are also two domestic routes — Toronto to Kelowna and Vancouver. The full routes and schedules are listed on a special Jetz page of Air Canada’s website.

Most cost around the same as a regular business class fares, depending on availability. On five routes checked by CNN, prices ranged from $34 less to $40 more.

Not traveling this holiday period? The airline is planning a second Jetz “season” in March 2021.

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