Bengali Food – Incredible Seafood Feast at Bhojohori Manna in Kolkata, India

Amazing Bengali food in Kolkata, India!
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When I was in Kolkata, India, one of my main motivations was to eat a proper Bengali seafood meal, so one evening I headed over to a restaurant known as Bhojohori Manna Restaurant to partake in what turned out to be one of my favorite meals in all of India. There are a number of different locations around India actually and throughout Kolkata, but the location I found was not far from the chaotic Esplanade intersections in the central part of the city.

Though I was eager to eat Bengali food, I really had no clue what I was going to order, so luckily the staff were all very friendly and made recommendations for dishes they thought I would enjoy. They chose some good dishes and soon a fleet of Bengali seafood dishes appeared on my table, all ready to be devoured. My hands washed I couldn’t wait any longer and I started to dig into the Bhojohori Manna feast.

Bhetki Kalia is a fish curry paired with a potato and it was in a sweet coconut based curry. It was insanely flavorful and extremely delicious. The fish was soft yet it remained firm at the same time. Next there was Mochar Ghonto, a banana flower salad. Now at the time of eating it I honestly had no idea what it was until coming back to my computer and doing a little research to find out it was banana flower. It was creamy and super delicious – I thought it sort of tasted like jackfruit curry. It was spiced nicely and went well with my plate of rice. Next up was the Jumbo Chingri Malaikari, a huge prawn that was curried in a highly pleasant sauce. After removing the shell from the prawn, the meat just melted in my mouth and the sauce was beautiful. The Murgir Jhol was just a Bengali chicken curry, and while it wasn’t seafood like the other dishes, it sure was wonderful too. But of all the Bengali food we order at Bhojohori Manna, the dish that stuck out the most to me was Medium Kankrajhai, the crab curry. I almost couldn’t believe how good it was. It was basically all the flavors I could ever want all condensed onto pieces of succulent crab. It was indeed a heavenly dish that I won’t ever forget!

There were 2 of us and our total bill came to 700 Rupees which is about $13 – but for the quality and the quantity, this was a wonderful deal. So while I had a few Bengali food meals, my favorite was the seafood feast I enjoyed at Bhojohori Manna. If you go to Kolkata, I would highly recommend this restaurant. It’s a little cramped and small, but they serve top notch local style cuisine!

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