Indian Mango Lassi – The Best Mango Smoothie I’ve Ever Had in Kolkata, India!

At this street food stall in Kolkata, you’ll find an amazing mango lassi, one of the ultimate mango smoothies.

If you’re ever visited India or places around India you’ve undoubtedly come across a beverage known as a lassi. It’s the Indian version of yoghurt, a thick creamy dairy product that rich and creamy and delicious. In Kolkata and in other parts of India you can get a lassi all over the place, but in Kolkata is where I had the best mango lassi I’ve ever had. The stall is on a small street just parallel to the famous Deckers street food lane, and they will whip up a concoction that you’ll surely love.

An Indian mango lassi is basically just a yoghurt smoothie that whipped up until it’s a smooth yogurt milkshake. When you approach you’ll find a great quantity of fruit standing up in sculptures and inviting you in. I took a seat on a plastic stool and waiting as my treat finished blending up. After filling my cup until it was overflowing, the vendor then added a few nuts and slice of something that tasted like cheese to the top to give it a finishing touch.

This mango lassi was definitely one of the best ones I’ve ever had, it was creamy, and milky with an incredible flavor or mango. The added nuts and the salty cheese on top provided an incredible taste that contrasted the sweetness. This mango lassi is something worth traveling around the world just to eat!

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