‘Control’ a Telegraph expert on a remote tour of the Faroes at 2pm today


They call it the land of maybe, and if you’re planning a trip to the Faroe Islands it’s imperative to arrive with a flexible state of mind. Whipped by North Atlantic waves and subject to foggy swirls, it is a wild and rugged archipelago sitting between Scotland and Iceland with multiple seasons in a day. 

But unpredictability is its charm. Plus, it’s always sunny somewhere on the 18 major islands – there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to sharing exactly where the rays are hitting right now.

One thing’s for certain: the borders are open. And with doors shutting to so many holiday destinations further south, I had no hesitation about heading to the adventurous north.

If you’re curious and considering a visit, there’s a chance to explore the destination through my eyes. Via the online tech of a Remote Tourism tool, you can use your keypad to guide me around, turning left, right, forwards and back. I’ll even jump if required. The tour starts at 2pm today.

Typically on these trips I choose my own path, so I’m looking forward to handing the reins over to readers and finding out where out where you really want travel writers to go. (Just refrain from suggesting a cliff edge, please.)

Sarah Baxter will be leading the remote tour of the Faroes

Sarah Baxter will be leading the remote tour of the Faroes

I’ll be starting my journey in Gásadalur, on the west side of Vágar island. It was the last Faroese village to be connected by road in 2006. Wrapped by sheer basalt rockfaces soaring hundreds of metres from the sea, it’s home to 13 families and an elegant single-drop waterfall swarming with puffins and nesting fulmars. Living close by is an elderly lady called Petra, who still refuses to have hot water installed in her house. Until recently, she relied on heat from a cow sleeping in her basement.

Unfortunately, I can’t predict whether it’ll rain or shine – the tech hasn’t advanced that far. But colourful characters, epic landscapes and dark-humoured legends promise an adventure – whatever that may be. 

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