How I’m traveling from home with this coffee subscription


Give Atlas Coffee Club a try and enjoy a coffee world tour from your kitchen.

Back in the “before COVID” times when travel was more commonplace, one of my favorite things to do when I explored a new location was to experience their unique take on coffee. Like many travelers, I’ve been staying put, but I’m still able to connect to new places and experience new coffees, thanks to our partner Atlas Coffee Club, a ’round the world coffee subscription.

Coffee’s first journey around the world
Legend has it that the first person to think “hmmm, maybe I’ll make juice out of these beans” was a shepherd in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia in the 10th century. He noticed that his goats became excited and energetic after eating berries. As the word about the magical beans that provide energy spread around the world, methods of growing and cultivating coffee beans spread with it. Starting in Africa and the Middle East, it spread to Europe, where it began to replace the common tradition of drinking beer and wine at breakfast. From there, it made its way to the America’s, where it became a cash crop and one of the highest sought commodities in the world.


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Differences worth discovering

Each different culture around the world has its own unique way of growing, cultivating, brewing, and enjoying coffee.

In Cuba, it is a tradition to drink a bit of coffee after each meal. The coffee is ground very finely and poured with a bit of sweetness in a small cup (about the size of a shot glass).

In Costa Rica, I had the best tasting coffee of my life, ordered right off a coffee cart in the streets of San Jose.

In Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, there are whole traditions and ceremonies around the serving of coffee. It is over after the host has served each guest 3 cups of sweetened coffee. Italy is so renowned for the ways it prepares coffee that its names have become commonplace around the world, such as ‘latte’ and ‘macchiato.’

We all miss travel – but now I’m able to travel through my morning coffee
In the “after COVID” times, I really miss getting to experience different types of coffee. That’s why I’m so glad I found Atlas Coffee Club, a coffee subscription that sends a bag of sustainably-sourced, high quality coffee from a new country each month.

Discover-Single-Origin-Coffee-from-Around-the-World_200730_142530.jpg?mtime=20200730142530#asset:108804Photo credit: Atlas Coffee Club

This month, Atlas Coffee Club sent me a delightful roast from Guatemala. I spent a lovely Sunday morning enjoying a cup of lovely coffee and reading about how coffee is grown in Guatemala: where it is some of the highest quality, sustainably grown coffee from anywhere in the world. I’m really looking forward to trying next month’s coffee, especially since coffee from each country can taste so unique and different – I’ve been craving that taste of place.

For less than $20 a month, you can subscribe yourself or buy a gift for a friend, and give them the taste of coffee from all around the world. With over 50 countries that produce coffee, there’s a world of coffee to discover that you probably can’t find on the shelves, and Atlas makes it easy – just tell them how you’d like your coffee roasted and you’ll go on a coffee journey from Papua New Guinea to Peru, Burundi to Brazil. It sure doesn’t replace the experience of drinking coffee on a grand travel adventure, but it does turn your morning coffee into so much more.

So if, like me, you’re wishing you weren’t stuck at home – give Atlas Coffee Club a try and enjoy a coffee world tour from your kitchen.

This editorial was written in partnership with Atlas Coffee Club.

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