©raclro/Getty Images Crowd of people atop a ski mountain at Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Americans are notorious for wasting millions of vacation days! Use your vacation days! Raise your hand if you lost or rolled over PTO days in 2020. Even in non-pandemic years, Americans are notorious for wasting millions of vacation days annually. In 2020,
Montana offers couples the perfect place to turn up the romance and disconnect from the noise this February in a safe and snowy setting. Imagine being snuggled up in a cozy cabin somewhere far away from reality. The fire is glowing as snow-capped mountains sit in the background. Hiking trails and ski slopes abound. This
©Sean Locke Photography/Shutterstock While Covid-19 has put 2021 Mardi Gras on hold, there’s a way to tastefully and safely celebrate it at home. It’s by ordering a king cake by mail. There are bakeries across the American South that ship their creations of this oval-shaped and tri-hued dessert across most of the U.S.  Often many
All the other Nordic countries are like -La la la la la la while Finland is like -*growling sound*. We’ll get into the heavy metal thing in a bit …, but first Now just remember: Finland is Nordic, but DON’T call it Scandinavian There’s a huge difference. That title only belongs to Sweden, Denmark, and
Remember in the Angola episode I mentioned how I went to Denmark one time about a sandwich that was twenty-one dollars? Well, this was that sandwich and my reaction was like, “TWENTY-ONE DOLLARS?!” Well, this better be the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. …you got lucky. It’s time to learn Geography, NOW!
Hopefully, this is the year. You can safely see a little bit more of our beautiful world. Now some of the places in this list are currently closed or very restrictive to travel, but hopefully, as the year progresses, more destinations will safely open up for tourism. Let’s start this video off at the beautiful